Thrilling Water Sports to Try on Your Trip to British Virgin Islands!

How about getting hold of one of those British Virgin Islands boat charters and sailing off? Its April, the hurricanes can wait until August, and you are bound to get a strong sail with trade winds guiding you and sun setting your glares in the perfect pose.

Wait! Again, those islands? Same old activities to pursue! What’s new in that?

Well, if you are thinking in those lines, it is time to check out some unusual activities that you can try out in these islands. The tranquil waters of Virgin Islands are perfect for swimming, snorkeling and water-skiing. Besides, here are some other tricks to make your nautical vacation a tad more exciting!

Unique activities – top ones to check out!

Activity 1# Paddle Board Yoga

Imagine yourself in a scenario – you have BVI boat rentals for your special trip. Now, you can get yourself a paddle board and try out yogic postures, RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SEA! Known as one of the healthiest water sports, some specific trainers are there to guide you as you try out various asanas with The Baths as your backdrop.

A combo of relaxation – fitness – entertainment is what these islands and their tropical weather have in store for you!

Activity 2# Flying off the charters

Ever thought off flying off the British Virgin Islands boat charters? How, where and with whom? Well, that’s exactly one of those unique activities which you can try out in these islands!

With the aqua littering accompanying you – you can catapult on a rope and spin off into the blue sky from the deck of your catamaran. With the dolphins competing with you in these waters, you will be in for a blast!

Activity 3# Sea bobbing

Another unique activity that has gained ground within a short span of time! Most of the British Virgin Islands boat rental offers have this as part of their agenda! From scooting along the surface of these waters to exploring the inner fauna to skimming the coasts and its lush forest range – this is one of the high-octane water sports that will help you travel from Peter’s island to Deadman’s Bay!

Activity 4# Kite Surfing

Another gem offer from the BVI boat rentals to set your pace high as you explore the other side of these islands! The Island of Anegada is the best spot, and you can share the winds with the range of pink flamingos that lace the skies!

Some outrageous family photos? Well, here’s your chance to get hold of one!

Activity 5# Family Diving

Really? Families going for joint diving? Well, BVI offers a range of fascinating arenas, and with diving instructors at your behest, you and family can have a gala time exploring lives beneath the oceans! Book British Virgin Islands boat rental well in advance!

Activity 6# Extreme Diving

It is another unique activity that will take you to the next level of underwater. From the submarine canyons to the Blonde Rock and Dog Islands – there are a number of hidden hotspots that you can explore with a certified trainer to guide you.

So, have you booked British Virgin Islands boat charters for yourself? If not, rush now – time’s running out! The pristine aqua blue fauna is awaiting your steps! The British Virgin Islands have a plethora for you!

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