Lyon: A Must Visit For Tourists

A eye-catching French town which is a part of the Rhone-Alps region is easily connected to major destinations in France that enable tourists to experience the enchanting feel of Lyon. Whether you want to go for the exciting water sports in the Mediterranean Sea, or witness the magnificent Eiffel tower in Paris or enjoy the beauty of Brussels, visiting Lyon will enable you to do all these as these locations are just a few hours train or car ride from Lyon.

Another important fact which helps us to find an answer to the question, that is, is Lyon worth visiting, is the climate of the city. The city is neither very cold in winter nor excessively hot in the summer which attracts millions of tourists towards itself. Now let us discuss some important attractions of the city that pulls towards tourists towards itself:

Place Bellecour

This UNESCO World Heritage Site which is located in between the two famous rivers of the city, the Rhone and Saone rivers. The statue of Louis XIV present in this popular pedestrian square is the most iconic meeting point of people in Lyon which you should not miss at any cost.

Place des Terreaux

The Place des Terreaux can be easily reached from the place Bellecour just by walking a few miles. The famous Bartholdi fountain attracts multiple tourists towards itself from all over the glove owing to its unique magnificence. Various forms Roman art and artifacts can be witnessed in this place.

The enigmatic Traboules

These private passages were used by the silk merchants to carry goods safely to the parallel streets through them. Tourists can enter the traboules by pushing the doors and witness the lives of the people staying here now. A glimpse of the the medieval- age Lyon can also be received by entering the traboules.

Theatre of Fourviere

The popular theatre of Lyon is known to showcase the iconic Nuits de Fourvière drama festival since ages. There was a time when the theatre could hold even 1000 spectators but had undergone various transformations over the years owing to the multiple renovations.

The charming Gallo Roman Museum

One striking feature of this new-age museum of France is that a major part of its whose building is located underground adjacent to the Roman theatre. Various pieces of art and culture such as the Circus Games Mosaic, Gauilish Coligny Calendar, the Lyon Tablet etc are displayed by this mesmerizing museum.

Is Lyon worth visiting is a question that may arise in the minds of several tourists who come to visit France but reading this article, we hope that they will be able to decide that easily.

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