How Travel Can Be, The Answers To The Big Questions With Cheryl Glavor

The World is certainly divided by not only geographical sectors but also in religion, class, skin colours, history of colonialism, gender discrimination and so on. How all of these problems can be solved have been the questions for around many years. Well as Cheryl Glavor was discussing about the problem in a recent event, things can sometimes be solved from a distance. Very often, we are too close to the scenario to look at those problems. Sometimes, we need both the macro and the micro view to comprehend the problems of others by being compassionate with them.

As Trevor Noah, the popular stand-up comedian and the journalist of Daily Show was stating in one of his gigs that all these problems can all be solved if we take travel seriously. If we start putting ourselves in the shoes of others, we stop seeing them as the inferior or superior others and start viewing them as part of our mankind. Swami Vivekananda, the great sage who won the world religion conference travelled the whole India on foot to get a better understanding of his own country and he spent the rest of his life in serving for others.

The similar thing happened with King Asoka, who converted himself to a Buddhist and travelled his country leaving the violent means to conquer lands. The world has progressed so much yet we are so backward in mentality and taking actions, let’s look at some of positive aspect of travelling that can help us into solving some big questions of our society…

Racism can be abolished by the travelling

Even a century age, the white Europeans used to view the Africans and the black skinned people as animals and they were sold and bought in markets. Slavery was a legal system and the basic human rights were snatched away from them. But, as the great writers like George Orwell, Joseph Conrad, Rudyard Kipling, Mark Twain travelled the states of Africa and wrote about the gruesomeness of the wretched system, people eventually came to their senses.

Once you start visiting the countries of other people and start viewing them as your brothers and sisters, and if you feel their way of life contains a unique value which in no way can be perceived by modern materialistic pursuit; you will no longer be needing a paper, instructing about the right s of other men and women.

Travelling can solve Classism and casteism

The class and caste system is present in almost every ethnic group and religion. Sometimes it is to contain power and economy to a certain class of people and sometimes, it is used as a way of keeping people under the chains of toil and labour. This can be abolished when you go one of the colonies of these poor people and see them at their daily life. Apart from that if humanity has survived then the prominent reason can be stated back to empathy, and that can be done only when you travel!

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