Five Free Things To Do In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a one of a kind city and its popularity levels are through the roof.  it becomes easy to see why. With its world-class museums, charming canals with boats, rich history, and endless entertainment options, it doesn’t require much effort to quickly lose yourself into Amsterdam’s vibrant city life and possibly break a bank! But when staying in Amsterdam, you’ll find it can be budget-friendly too, even with all seemingly endless options. Let’s see what it has in store for those who are looking for the besteconomical and free activities in the city.

The Amsterdam Flower Market

Locally known as Bloemenmarkt, the Amsterdam Flower Market is the only floating flower market in the world. Founded in 1862 and still floating today, it will bring you an assortment of many beautiful flowers such as tulips and geraniums.

Head to the famous floating market and stroll around the stalls to enjoy wonderful smells and vibrant colors to brighten up your day.

King’s Day – April 27

Every year, the city of Amsterdam becomes one big party on April 27 and everyone is invited!

A huge selection of free festivals and events are available in Amsterdam during the King’s Day holiday. The whole city of Amsterdam becomes painted in orange and you shouldn’t be an exception! Dress up with orange colors and join in with more than one million people on streets, canals,and parks and become a part of the biggest street party you have ever seen!

Red Light District

The most famous red light district of them all, also known as De Wallen is located in the oldest part of the Amsterdam.

Wait for the evening and watch it become alive, brightened by red lights. A former inner-harbor is now home to many sex shops, gay bars, brothels, coffee shops, strip clubs and more.

Even if those things don’t bring interest to you, it is still worth it to head and explore the red lightdistrict. It is a part of the beautiful historical center with medieval streets, charming architecture and atmosphere with many other attractions such as art galleries or dungeons if you decide to go for something different.

Free Boat Trip

Taking a free boat ride across the IJ river is probably one of the best things you can do without spending a dime! It is located behind Central Station and completely open to the public and even offers three different routes.

Ranging from 6 to 30 minutes, every route will let you enjoy beautiful water views and sail to the different neighborhoods that are waiting to be explored.

Free Walking Tours by Sandeman’s New Europe

Last but definitely not least, free walking tours by Sandeman’s New Europe is another awesome thing to do for no cost!

With a help of enthusiastic local guides and experts who work for tips only, you will unveil and get to know culture, history and stumble upon many of the Amsterdam’s main attractions such as the Royal Palace, Anne Frank House, Dam Square and more!

This highly reviewed city tour is your golden opportunity and budget-friendly option for taking your experience of Amsterdam to new heights.

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