3 Days in Alice Springs: What to Do

Are you headed on over to Alice Springs in a motorhome hire? Do you have a plan on what you’re going to do when you get there? If not, we can help. We know Alice Springs well and if you’re looking for unique experiences, you’ve come to the right place.

Alice Springs is a great destination but one that you want to visit prepared for. Arriving in a top-notch motorhome hire is a good idea, as it allows you to stay near places that you may want to see while providing you with a trusty vehicle to drive and stay in while on your road trip.

If this is your first time visiting Alice Springs and you only have 3 days to enjoy it, the following are a few of our favorite experiences to be had while in the area. The good thing is that Alice Springs isn’t that big, so you can easily see the highlights in as little as 3 days. Check them out:

  • Visit Alice Springs Desert Park. A big highlight of a visit to Alice Springs is undoubtedly visiting Alice Springs Desert Park. The best way to experience Alice Springs is to visit with an Aboriginal guide. This way you can have a better understanding of the importance of this unique desert park in the area. From endangered animals to unique landscapes of river beds and dense bush, Alice Springs Desert Park is a unique area that you’ll want to visit.
  • Appreciate the Olive Pink Botanic Garden. Many a visitor to Alice Springs will enjoy a visit to the Olive Pink Botanic Garden. Because the flora is quite different in these parts than in some other areas of the world, it’s always an interesting destination for those who appreciate unique plants and trees. From the Red Mulga to the Waddy Wood, Smoke Bush, and more, there is a plethora of unique vegetation to admire at the Olive Pink Botanic Garden. If you don’t feel like exploring the local parks, then you might as well get to know the bushland’s special plants at this garden.
  • Visit Simpsons Gap. Located in the West MacDonnell National Park, the Simpsons Gap is a beautiful gorge carved out of the Ranges. As a sacred site for the Aboriginal people, it’s a destination that is to be respected and admired. One can’t help but appreciate the beauty of the greenery in the gorge contrasting with the bright red rocks of the West MacDonnell ranges.
  • Enjoy the sacred vibe at the Arrernte sites in Emily and Jessie Gaps. Similar to Simpsons Gap, Emily and Jessie Gaps are also iconic Aboriginal sites that hold importance for the people of this area. This nature park is an ideal destination for outdoor lovers who want to appreciate the beauty of the unique landscapes here while also getting to know a sacred site. The red rocks contrasting with the greenery in the area make the gaps a fascinating and beautiful place to be—sacred or not.
  • Enjoy one of the many tours in the area. Because of the unique, desert-like landscape, there are plenty of tour companies offering fun tours of the area. For example, you can take a 4WD outback tour that will lead you through some of the amazing landscape in Alice Springs or you could take trip out to Kata Tjuta Uluru and Kings Canyon that takes a few days to do, but which is a trip that is worth it.
  • Go hot air ballooning. If you go in a hot air balloon at sunrise or sunset, you can be sure that you will never see anything like the colors bouncing off the red rocks in your life. It’s a breathtaking experience that you want to have if you are all about gorgeous views. Make sure to bring your camera and capture the beauty of Alice Springs below.

In Conclusion

Alice Springs is a unique destination in Australia, not only for it’s different landscape but also for its importance in the world of Aborigines. If you are looking for a unique experience to do while visiting Alice Springs, rest assured that there is plenty of fun to be had.

Alice Springs may not be the beach destination of Cairns or Perth and it may not be as well-known as Sydney or Melbourne, but it certainly is a charming and unique destination to visit. You probably don’t have a bushland like this one back home, right?

Pack up your motorhome hire and take a road trip out to Alice Springs. While it isn’t the most well-known destination in the country, you can be sure that it will be a fascinating experience. It isn’t a big city but if you like to explore the great outdoors, then Alice Springs is for you.

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